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We are an internationally oriented German trading company that combines long-standing trading tradition and the latest efficiency standards. As distribution partner of several of Germany’s biggest retail chains, as well as selected manufacturers, we can offer our customers one of the broadest assortments of German products for export to China, to other Asian markets and to regions in the Middle East. Our trading experience goes back to the 1950s. This tradition is complemented by our co-founder Deutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH (DIEP)’s longstanding international presence and managerial experience. As a result, we can ensure the best in class efficiency, scalability and process reliability for our customers.

our origins

The Alps have always symbolized strength, clarity, and purity. Their location in the heart of Europe, moreover, makes them an immovable symbol of European values and traditions. The peaks of Europe’s highest mountain range represent a level that only a few can reach. True to this spirit, we feel obliged to maintain the highest quality standards when supplying our customers with European, and especially German, brand-name products.

Alpenpartner combines more than 50 years of trading experience with state of the art data driven Efficiency. Alpenpartner is exclusive sales partner of some of the largest German retailers and selected manufacturers.

our values

In our view, partnership on an equal footing is more than just a catchphrase.

We know that our customers must be able to rely on us fully. This means that we not only provide on-time delivery and maximum goods availability as a matter of course; we also ensure with our end-to-end processes that only goods which correspond to high German quality standards are delivered to our customers.

Our reliability is our customers’ capital, with which they can be successful in their respective markets. We are aware of this every day. It is what motivates and drives us forward.

Our portfolio and our services

To ensure that we can offer our B2B and wholesale customers sufficient quantities of the widest possible assortment of goods, we have concluded comprehensive cooperation agreements with market-leading trading companies. The primary focus of our goods spectrum is on German products in the food, pharmacy and non-food segments. When operating in the Chinese market, we also handle the export transactions free China as part of our services and, if required, deal with any comprehensive storage and logistics services, including the necessary customs clearance. Should you, in addition to the above, also be interested in developing your own brands from goods produced in Germany, we shall be delighted to cooperate with you in the creation of special made-to-measure solutions founded on our many years of production experience.

Broad Assortment of German Quality Products

Our range of products effectively covers the entire product assortment found in the German retail sector. We have decided to focus primarily on the following three product groups:

  • Food: e.g. drinks, confectionery, baby Food
  • Pharmacy: e.g. nappies, care products, nutritional supplements
  • Other non-food: e.g. household products, cleaning agents

If you require any specific products or brand-name articles that are not part of our standard assortment, we shall do our utmost to procure these for you as well.

Performance and quality

As a matter of principle, we deliver only original products that comply in every way with the stringent requirements of the German supervisory authorities for the trade sector and are monitored by those authorities. These include quality controls in accordance with ISO, GMP, TÜV, etc. and, in the case of selected organic labels, certifications in accordance with Bioland and Demeter or the EC organic standard. Our high delivery capacity is founded on our partnership with one of Germany’s market-leading trading companies. As a result, we also have access to substantial supply volumes.

  • substantial quantities, reliable timing and prices
  • only original products that comply with the stringent German requirements (including ISO, GMP, TÜV, etc.)
  • organic labels (including Bioland, Demeter or EU)

Tailormade Solutions

  • export to China, Asia and Middle East
  • handle export transactions free China, if required, and deal with any comprehensive storage and logistic services, including the necessary customs clearance
  • offices in Peking und Shanghai


Thanks to the extensive process management and optimisation experience that Deutsche Invest Equity Partners GmbH has at its disposal, our processes are both standardised and geared in an extremely lean and efficient way towards the requirements of international trade.

Our day-to-day trading transactions are dealt with using automated processes. State-of-the-art technology in line with the standards of international trade ensures error –free data transmission.

At the same time, we provide our customers with a personal contact partner for inquiries to ensure that they are getting the best possible service  – also for inquiries that involve specific details. Since we are aware of how necessary rapid response times are, we agree with our customers on fixed time windows within which we can give binding feedback on availability, delivery times and all other details of their inquiries.

The reliability of this cooperation is our capital.

Alpenpartner GmbH

Alexander Pade, Managing Director and co-founder of the company, has more than 35 years’ experience in German and European trade. Alexander heads the family-owned wholesale firm of the same name. Already 30 years ago, Alexander Pade began gathering experience in the import and export of German dairy and cheese products to Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, Alexander Pade has developed various brands in diverse product categories, both for the domestic, as well as international markets.  He successfully established white label concepts for European manufacturers targeting the German food retail sector, and founded and led the respective distribution companies.



Alexander Pade
Managing Partner
Henning Frye
COO & managing director
Jane Kuang
Head of China
Shanghai Office
Jevy Yang
Sales Director China
Shanghai Office

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