Single's Day 2020 - new concept - again a complete success!

It is fair to say that the Double 11 / Singles' Day 2020 was a resounding success. The sales of China's two largest e-commerce providers alone amounted to over 97 billion EUR. Alibaba's additional Double 11 sales window from November 1 to 3 practically doubled the transaction value this year to ¥ 498.2 billion (EUR 62.9 billion). JD's shorter sales window was also spectacular at ¥271.5 billion (EUR 34.3 billion). This shows once again how important the major promotion periods "618" (June 18) and Double 11 (Singles' Day) are for the sale of consumer goods in China.

Alpenpartner was also once again able to achieve new sales and turnover records with its strong FMCG portfolio brands. With the Dallmayr brand (, sales were up 250% on the previous year's Double 11. For the first time, the brands M.ASAM Beauty ( and tetesept ( also participated in this year's shopping festival with great success. Thanks to numerous live streaming events and other promotion tools, Alpenpartner was able to realize a total of over 195,000 orders during the Double 11 promotion period.