M.ASAM Live Streaming Event very successful

Livestreams have exploded in popularity in China in recent years. No other online activity has grown as fast or takes up more of users' time in China. 648 million Chinese watched short videos last year - 78.2% of the online population. The digital megatrend that has persisted since 2020 is livestream e-commerce. In 2018, Taobao alone sold over US$15 billion worth of goods through its 4,000 livestream hosts, an increase of over 400% year-on-year.

Austin Li is one of the most famous male influencers in China in the beauty space. Austin Li sells over 40 million USD worth of goods within 24 hours at the biggest shopping festival "Double 11" (11.11). For the second time, our marketing team in Shanghai successfully organised and carried out a live streaming event for the M.ASAM Beauty brand with top influencer Austin Li. During this event, more than 17,000 orders were placed within 3.5 minutes and the product promoted in the live stream was sold out.