Alpenpartner expands portfolio with exclusive cosmetics

The expansion of Alpenpartner's brand portfolio continues. With M.Asam, a successful family business in the field of cosmetics has been acquired, which produces care and cosmetic products of first-class quality. Today, M.Asam stands for exclusive and high-quality cosmetics that are nevertheless affordable. The cosmetics market in China has developed rapidly in the last ten years. As the demand for cosmetic products continues to grow outside the major cities, it is expected that the growth dynamics will continue in the near future. Foreign cosmetic brands play a dominant role in the Chinese market. Alpenpartner will start by offering Chinese consumers high-quality M.Asam care products produced in Germany in its own M.Asam Tmall flagship store.


Alpenpartner takes part in the fight against CORONA

As part of the measures to contain the CORONA virus, Alpenpartner uses its long-standing trade relations in China and purchases protective equipment directly from tested and certified Chinese manufacturers. In recent weeks Alpenpartner has already been able to import protective equipment for numerous hospitals, nursing homes, public authorities and the Federal Ministry of Health. To provide large quantities of protective equipment, Alpenpartner charters direct flights from China to Frankfurt to ensure the fastest possible supply.


Alpenpartner with new cooperation

With the Merz Consumer Care brand, a leading manufacturer of innovative healthcare products has been won as a partner. With this new partnership, Alpenpartner has succeeded in strategically expanding its product portfolio to include healthcare products. The healthcare market in China has been growing steadily for years. Together with the improvement in the standard of living of the Chinese population, there is also an enlarged willingness to increase spending on healthcare products. The Chinese population's awareness of air pollution and its effects as well as the development of the population structure also have a decisive influence on purchasing behavior. Merz and Alpenpartner look forward to the new cooperation with great expectations.


Face masks for China

One of the fastest growing consumer goods markets in China is the beauty & personal care products market. This is mainly due to the increase in the decorative cosmetics and skin care segment - mainly caused by a generation change that is increasing the demand among young consumers. Social media, trends that spread faster, internationality and online trading have a lasting impact on buying behavior for beauty products. Together with the Schaebens brand, market leader in Germany for face masks, Alpenpartner is expanding its brand and product portfolio in the Beauty & Personal Care field. Schaebens is one of the leading providers in Germany in the area of face care as well as in the pharmaceutical / health sector. Together with Alpenpartner, Schaebens is expanding its sales with selected items such as masks, serums and concentrates both via online cross border and offline in stationary retail. Alpenpartner is looking forward to a good cooperation!


Dallmayr gift box for the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 25th. The year of the rat begins in China with this date. Due to its history, the colors red and gold play an important role in this most important traditional Chinese holiday. Based on this tradition, Alpenpartner has put together a Dallmayr gift box with appropriately colored and high-quality cans. The gift box is available both at the Dallmayr flagship store at tmall and in selected stationary Chinese dealers. This marketing campaign is a further step towards Dallmayr's branding in China.


REWE flagship store on tmall

30 articles include the selection of REWE drugstore items that Chinese consumers have been able to find on the Chinese online platform tmall Global as part of the REWE flagship store since autumn 2019. The flagship store guarantees the REWE brand a singular and therefore better perception by the customer and makes the individual items accessible to a wider range of buyers. The focus of the marketing concept is on emphasizing the German origin of the goods - a guarantee of good quality for the Chinese consumer. Alpenpartner plans to further expand its range of food products from REWE's own brands in the future. Strong growth in cross-border business sales for China is also forecast for 2020. Together, REWE and Alpenpartner want to use this growing potential.


Alibaba's Singles' Day 2019 - New record!

Alibaba also celebrated a new sales record on Singles Day (11.11.) this year. With 26% year-on-year growth, Alibaba's total revenue that day was 268.4 billion yuan (approximately 34.9 billion euros). Not far behind was with a turnover of 26.6 billion euros. As a result, goods worth around 62 billion euros changed hands on just these two platforms in a single day. The hype about the Double 11 shopping period, which usually starts at the end of October / beginning of November with initial promotions, is unbroken. For example, logistic companies hired 400,000 extra deliveries for this special day in order to deliver the estimated 2.8 billion parcels on time. Our Managing Director Henning Frye followed the development of the sales figures from hour to hour directly on site: "It was again an impressive experience for us, but also for our brands, for which we were able to make Singles Day very successful."

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